A review dedicated to drawing, that
leaves the artists fairly free. A field for play, expression and creation based on a common theme, the 14th volume of 
The Drawer brings together around thirty artists and designers.

Volume 14 - Parade

Avec / with Pierre Alechinsky, Antonio Aricò, Katrin Bremermann,
Jennifer Caroline Campbell, Corentin Canesson, Catastrophe,
Carolin Eidner, Isabelle Ferreira, Louis Fratino, Yann Gerstberger,
Clive Hodgson, Lisa Holzer, Alfie Kungu, Miki Leal, Camille Llobet,
Alice Louradour, Ohad Meromi,Galina Munroe, Arkadiy Nasonov, Camila Oliveira Fairclough, Jon Pilkington, Jennifer May Reiland, Yannick Val Gesto, César Vayssié, Xavier Veilhan et la collection Jean-Claude Sergues.